The Benefits of Mealworms and How They Can SAVE The World

The Benefits of Mealworms and How They Can SAVE The World

In a few days we are going to be publishing an in-depth article on the benefits of mealworms, and how they can save the world. Be sure to visit to check it out soon.

Mealworms aren’t usually seen as the savior of the environment, but maybe it’s time to change that public opinion, and start utilizing our wormy friends. Mealworms have the capability to eat stylophone, and healthily at that, in our experiments, they not only chose stylophone over foods such as oatmeal, but they turned it into a nonplastic substance, non-toxic substance, that is mostly biodegradable. Mealworms literally change stylophone into 90 percent carbon, carbon is not bad for the earth, but stylophone is, stylophone is non-recyclable and is one of the most abundant items in most landfills, stylophone takes thousands of years to decompose normally without the help of these amazing creatures.

That’s why we’ve decided to write about our mealworm friends, using mealworms to decompose stylophone could possibly be one of the biggest factors in reducing toxic-human waste discovered in decades. And it deserves to be known, written about, and especially utilized, whether by governments or just by normal people like you and I.

Later on – we will further discuss our observations, scientist’s observations, facts about mealworms, and their capabilities when it comes to helping the environment. I think you’ll be amazed by these tiny worms, the more we know the better – knowledge is power – and with knowledge like this, normal people like us can save the world.

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