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Ficarro Farms Organic Specialty Pet Foods – Coming Soon

Ficarro Farms is releasing our very own specialized pet foods. Organic, and made with love from our family to yours, visit our specialty pet food post and find out more about our organically made nutritious pet food. Thank you for supporting our small business in these difficult times! Have a great new year! – feel free to ask anything below or on our main site.

Isopods require specific foods and items that springtails don’t and such forth, that’s why we are specializing each food for each specific critter, whether it’s the two mentioned beforehand, or live terrestrial snails, we’ll have pre-prepared, organic, made in America pet food – specially made for your critter, whatever that critter may be.

Our specialty pet foods will have various sizes but expect a bigger portion than what our competitors provide, as well as tester sizes and more. We don’t believe you should have to repurchase your pet’s food every week. Let alone every month. But we also believe you should have a choice.


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