What To Do When You First Get Your Live Red Wiggler Worms

You may have been asking what should I do when I first get my red wiggler worms by mail? Well I’m going to answer that along with a few more common vermicomposting related questions further below.

1. When you first get your red wiggler worms by mail, you may be asking, how do I get started with my worm farm? I’ve never vermicomposted before is it hard? We at Ficarro Farms completely understand, as a family farm we started out in the same position as you, and everyone has to start somewhere! Make sure your worms are moist, but not dripping as soon as you get your package of live red wiggler worms that is the main thing that can go wrong!

After you have moistened your live red wiggler worms, find them a home. It can be any size you’d like, just remember the smaller it is, the more limited the population maximum will be.

2. What are the benefits of an active live red wiggler population? Well for one, when they eat, they poop, and when they poop they are fertilizing the ground they are pooping in! Wait did I really just say poop that many times? Anyway everywhere you use their “worm dirt” will see an increase in beneficial microbes and nutrients. We we first started farming we had an issue with small vegetables forming until we started using worm dirt in our garden, it really is a miracle for an organic farm like us!

They will also drastically decrease your trash production, if you are worried about being environmentally conscious like us at Ficarro Farms this is great! Our worms eat almost everything we produce waste wise, our motto is if it’s biodegradable it’s dirt, and that has served us well so far! Of course paper bedding is quicker to decompose, but we have found anything that is natural will eventually get eaten no matter the time, it’s just some things are faster than others.

Well? What are you waiting for! Go start your red wiggler farm today if you haven’t already, it’s fun and easy, we promise! See some of our more in-depth red wiggler care articles on our main site here.

Thanks for supporting our family farm, we sincerely appreciate you!

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