We have new antiques, coming soon!

Be sure to check back often to see them, we will be updating daily!

We’ve recently come into ownership of 4 beautiful antique rare typewriters, they are never going to be made again, and are only getting rarer, the 1912 #5 Royal Standard Typewriter so far is the most interesting, it was the second model EVER made by the company, we will go further in depth into each of these very soon, so check back daily for more info, we will also be posting them on our website here where you can actually purchase these, these make a beautiful gift for someone who appreciates antique works of arts like these.

More Updates!

We are getting 6 or 7 new (old) typewriters, I’m going to one by one write a post and take unique photos of each of them, be sure to check daily for that! (One of them is a 1912 Royal in GREAT Condition!)

New Update!

We are soon going to be posting interesting in-depth articles about each of the antiquities we find here! Be sure to check back for some cool posts about rare stuff we find here.