1912 #5 Royal Standard Typewriter

Today we are showing off a extremely old typewriter, made in 1912 this early model was called a flatbed due to its odd shape, this models shape was only used for a short time.

The typewriter in question is a #5 Royal Standard, the second model ever made by the Royal Typewriter Company. This piece is a beautiful work of art, and is still in great condition despite being over 100 years old, the keys stick but otherwise I believe it would work just as wonderfully as it would have when it was new.

It’s keys are either glass, or ebony, and are in almost perfect shape when you consider its age. This piece when originally sold was EXTREMELY expensive, and would have been only used by the wealthy or companies that could afford it. It will soon be posted on our website for sale here. Check back daily for our 4 new (old) typewriters coming soon!

1938 Underwood Universal Portable Typewriter

We recieved this beautiful Underwood Typewriter, it was made in the USA, 1938, this means that someone wrote with this during world war 2, and most likely wrote about how the war was going! I believe it’s amazing that these still exist, it only proves how tough they were made, they feel solid as steel!

This machine was built in 1938, with a lot of extra features only seen in higher priced public typewriters, it was ment to be portable (20lbs) and lightweight for the time, this model is also manual, and originally came with a beautiful carrying case (mine did not include this).

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(SOLD) – 2019

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