About Us

Ficarro.org is all about family, we use our suburban backyard to our advantage. We like to call it “suburban farming”, a great new way of conserving space while producing great organic stuff all at the same time. We use every bit of space and nothing is neglected, whether it’s the clover field that we grow and harvest for nutrient rich compost daily, or the raised garden beds in the back filled with cool plants and vegetables. Ficarro.org specifically is where we blog general updates, and stuff that we feel is important for you to know about us, usually in the form of short blog like posts.

We at FicarroFarms only offer all organically made products, from the same place I described earlier grown sustainably with the environment first in our mind, we specialize in raising live red wiggler worms year round providing them at a low sustainable price. We also offer cool specialty products such as the worlds hottest peppers (Carolina Reapers) organically raised with love year round, not only that but we are local. When you order from us you can trust that your order will get there fast since it’s coming straight out of Texas. Corpus Christi to be exact!

Any way we just wanted to explain who we are, and what we do. We sincerely hope you stick with us as we grow with you in mind, if you have any issues you can contact us here, or on Ficarro Farms and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly canĀ  day or if necessary night that’s a promise.