How to visit our Amazon profile

We recently joined Amazon alongside thousands of other small business owners, it’s been great to us and we’ve been shown a ton of support. But we’ve had some of our customers asking – how do we find you on Amazon? That is a great question, and we are happy to answer. You can find our profile on Amazon by clicking here, there you can find our business description, some common question answers, and our shipping policies. As well as more info about our live delivery guarantee, all of this is there for you, and anyone curious. We want our valued customers to have every bit of info they need and/or want, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as concerns or anything, just head on over here to use the contact us page. Thank you for supporting our small family farm! – Luke Ficarro

P.S currently we only have 4 product listings available with our most popular being the 32 count isopods, we plan on adding products frequently into the future so following our profile allows you to never miss out again. As well as occasionally looking up our farm name Ficarro Farms on Amazon, and anywhere else – this ends up being a very easy method for finding us anywhere.

We are open for business on Amazon!

We are officially on Amazon, where you will soon be able to purchase any product you normally would on our website, we are growing and we hope you follow us as we do! Thank you for supporting our family farm. Support, visit, or just take a look at our newly launched Amazon store by clicking here. Visit our main store by clicking here. To visit our best seller start off by clicking here. Thanks for taking a look! Let us know if you have any questions!